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With the MEYLExperience, MEYLE creates an exclusive digital brand experience for customers and partners

With the MEYLExperience, MEYLE creates an exclusive…

<p><strong><u>Hamburg, 15 September 2020</u> It was supposed to be the highlight of the year in the independent aftermarket: Automechanika Frankfurt. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, the world’s leading trade fair for the automotive service industry cannot take place this year. In order to make contact and exchange between customers and partners possible in spite of this, the Hamburg-based manufacturer MEYLE has created an exclusive digital brand experience – with the MEYLExperience 2020, customers and partners can experience the trade fair stand in Frankfurt this year, too.</strong></p>
MEYLE marks 25th anniversary of truck solutions with new MEYLE ORIGINAL-NOx sensor

MEYLE marks 25th anniversary of truck solutions with…

<ul> <li><strong>High-quality parts and solutions for trucks since 25 years&nbsp;</strong></li> <li><strong>Supporting the optimal nitrogen oxide control: MEYLE-ORIGINAL-NOx sensors&nbsp;</strong></li> <li><strong>Virtual truck racing: enjoy the excitement from the comfort of your own home</strong></li> </ul>
Reliable partners: MEYLE and T3 Motorsport to strengthen their partnership and start a new sim racing series

Reliable partners: MEYLE and T3 Motorsport to…

<p><strong><u>Hamburg, 19 May 2020.</u> Many areas of public life are currently facing significant uncertainty, including economics and sports. As reliable partners are essential in challenging times like these, support and partnership are more valuable than ever: Hamburg-based manufacturer MEYLE and the T3 Motorsport racing team from Dresden (Germany) are continuing their partnership. To ensure that fans of motorsports can join their favorite sport, the two partners have also launched the virtual MEYLE Sprint Cup.</strong></p>
MEYLE-HD tie rod end: Tips & tricks for proper assembly

MEYLE-HD tie rod end: Tips & tricks for proper assembly

<p><u><strong>Hamburg, 4&nbsp;May&nbsp;2020.</strong></u> <strong>If and how precisely a vehicle steers, depends on numerous components. One crucial vehicle part for precise steering is the tie rod end. It ensures that the power is transferred from the tie rods to the steering knuckle during steering and that the wheels consequently follow the steering angle of the driver. This keeps the vehicle on track.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;</strong></p>
With suitable oil: MEYLE-ORIGINAL hydraulic pumps now available as MEYLE-KIT

With suitable oil: MEYLE-ORIGINAL hydraulic pumps now…

<ul> <li><strong>Saving research time with MEYLE-KIT: hydraulic pump and suitable oil&nbsp;</strong></li> <li><strong>Keep it simple: No return or pawn system</strong></li> <li><strong>Precise instructions for the venting and flushing process in each kit</strong></li> </ul>
MEYLE electronics: high-quality products, better data, fewer complaints

MEYLE electronics: high-quality products, better data,…

<p><strong><u>Hamburg, 12 March 2020.</u> Electronic assistants are essential for modern vehicles in particular: The number of electronic components and systems is steadily increasing, as the communication between the individual components and systems grows more complex. As a result of the three megatrends of automated driving, energy efficiency and vehicle digitization, the number of assistance systems, comfort packages and electronic systems in the drivetrain and exhaust gas system is climbing steadily, which has also impelled an increase in the number of sensors and control units. All these vehicle components need to be able to communicate seamlessly with each other to ensure efficient vehicle function. These electronic parts already generate enormous amounts of data, all of which have to be correctly processed. As development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) progresses at a rapid pace, the amount of data has to increase to keep up. Dominik Overmann, Head of the Electronics product team at MEYLE, provides exciting insights from the Hamburg-based manufacturer’s development team.</strong></p>
MEYLE presents its dream teams for the aftermarket

MEYLE presents its dream teams for the aftermarket

<p><strong><u>Hamburg, 14 February 2020.</u> February 14, 2020 is Valentine's Day; you can spot happy couples everywhere. MEYLE has also found its "Perfect Matches". Just in time for Valentine’s Day the German manufacturer would like to introduce its MEYLE dream teams for the aftermarket:&nbsp;</strong></p>
Don’t be afraid of oil changes!	  MEYLE advises on changing the oil in automatic gearboxes.

Don’t be afraid of oil changes! MEYLE advises on…

<p><strong><u>Hamburg 12 December 2019. </u>‘Automatic transmissions? They don’t need an oil change!’ Though debunked long ago, this rumour has proven quite persistent. Transmission oil undergoes a natural ageing process, with the oil wearing out and additives diminishing over time. So it’s all the more important to change the oil: this prevents damage to the transmission and maintains transmission function and driving comfort. Yet people still shy away. They shouldn’t! Based in Hamburg, spare parts manufacturer MEYLE offers over 60 oil change kits, which come with all the components required for an oil change: filters, seals, screws, drain/intake plugs, magnets and the amount of transmission oil the application calls for. This reduces stress and saves money – for workshops and drivers alike. Now, MEYLE’s advice makes changing the oil even easier.&nbsp;</strong></p>
“Engineered by MEYLE” and tested by the strongest

“Engineered by MEYLE” and tested by the strongest

<p><strong><u>Hamburg, November 21, 2019.</u> The entire MEYLE Performance Team has been through eventful months. Whether in the ADAC GT Masters or in truck racing, the racing teams supported by the Hamburg manufacturer provided the spectators with plenty of exciting position fights. The Dresden team of T3 Motorsport around the two drivers Maximilian Paul and William Tregurtha can look back on a successful premiere season in the ADAC GT Masters. MAN driver Sascha Lenz and his SL Trucksport 30 team can also be satisfied in truck racing: with a total of three gold medals, three silver medals and two bronze medals, Lenz secured fifth place overall in the drivers' standings. In the team classification, Lenz and his Spanish MAN colleague Antonio Albacete finished second.</strong></p>

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