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X-Mas Season with MEYLE: Highlights of 2020 and workshop tips at a glance

Hamburg, 21. December 2020. The mini-series "X-MAS Season with MEYLE" by Hamburg-based manufacturer MEYLE, comes to an end. Each week MEYLE presented installation tips – and videos as well as product highlights from 2020. 
Below you can download all four issues. 

X-Mas Season with MEYLE: Highlights of 2020 and workshop tips at a glance

First week: Safely on track with MEYLE-HD tie rod end assembly
The highlight of the first issue is the MEYLE-HD tie rod ends: In 2020 MEYLE has launched more than 60 new tie rod end assemblies in improved HD quality. This allows more vehicles to stay on track significantly longer.
Curious how it works? Click here for more information. 

Second week: Range extended by many reliable solutions
The second issue presents some highlight additions to the MEYLE portfolio in 2020. Among others, 100 new MEYLE-ORIGINAL wheel hubs and bearings were extended this year. 
You can download the second issue here.

Third week: MEYLE-HD flex disc scores with inner values
The third issue presents the outstanding product features of the new MEYLE-HD flex disc. Among other things, the flex disc scores with a superior breaking load and very high temperature resistance. 
You can download the third issue here.

Fourth week: Whether at Christmas time or in the height of summer – you can rely on MEYLE brake technology
In the final issue, MEYLE presents its innovative brake components. These are also to receive further reinforcement next year. 
You can download the fourth issue here.


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