MEYLE power pack – MEYLE-ORIGINAL-ribbed belt kit for trucks

As DRIVER‘S BEST FRIEND we offer 23,000 solutions to make vehicles around the globe perform longer and more reliably so that motorists all over the world can safely rely on MEYLE quality.



  • MEYLE full service kits – 21 V-ribbed belt sets for trucks, consisting of the belt tensioner, idler and guide pulleys and the V-ribbed belt all of MEYLE-ORIGINAL quality. All are supplied under just one MEYLE part number and are delivered complete and ready for installation.
  • For high loads – MEYLE-ORIGINAL tension rollers and idler pulleys are made of steel. Unlike with their plastic equivalents, the steel ensures optimum heat dissipation, enabling the part to remain stable even at high temperature loads.
  • Tested by the strongest – As a technical partner, the tankpool24 Racing Team has been relying on MEYLE products for five years, installing MEYLE tension rollers and idler pulleys in their racing trucks over this period.



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