A strong team – MEYLE full service kit complete with stabiliser assembly and coupling rods in MEYLE-HD quality

As DRIVER‘S BEST FRIEND we offer 24,000 solutions to make vehicles around the globe perform longer and more reliably so that motorists all over the world can safely rely on MEYLE quality.



  • Exclusively from MEYLE – For most of the new kits, MEYLE is the only company to supply aftermarket customers. Now featuring 20 items, the MEYLE range of full service solutions caters for over 54 million vehicles registered worldwide.
  • Ready to fit – MEYLE stabiliser assemblies come ready to be installed with some of them featuring galvanised mounts and most of them also swaged fastening clamps – so that repair professionals have all the parts on hand where and when needed!
  • Longer-lasting – MEYLE-HD stabiliser links feature a larger ball head to minimise surface pressure and maximise product life. An advanced clip on plastic socket adds extra pull out strength. The result: Longer service life and less wear.
  • Four-year guarantee – As with all MEYLE-HD parts, workshops can offer an extended four-year guarantee also for this MEYLE-HD full-service solution.



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