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The brake benchmark for comfort, durability and simple installation

Not all brakes are created equal

Braking feel, responsiveness and friction coefficient play a key role in athletic, performance-oriented driving. That’s where MEYLE-PD comes in: MEYLE-PD brake discs and brake pads are components which offer optimal braking performance and are setting new benchmarks in durability, comfort, optics and simple installation – and, of course, they’re ECE-certified. A modern coating technology protects the MEYLE-PD brake disc from corrosion for a very long time. If necessary, these can also be enhanced with a higher proportion of carbon, making them especially resistant to the effects of heat and the resulting vibration.

Optimised characteristics lead to better performance: MEYLE-PD brake pads boast an extremely stable friction coefficient as well as outstanding responsiveness in every situation. Needless to say, the pads are also free from copper and heavy metals.

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