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Ever shorter engineering cycles and cost and material restraints on the part of the vehicle manufacturers sometimes result in not fully matured solutions being installed. Hence no surprise that the number of recalls is on the increase and more and more volume production components fail prematurely. And this is just where MEYLE-HD parts come into play. Their design has been optimised compared to OE solutions and they simply last longer.

MEYLE-HD parts: the better solution.

The MEYLE brand name instantly calls to mind HD – for a very good reason: MEYLE-HD parts mean improved reliability and durability thanks to engineering innovations. Technically refined by our in-house experts they outlive OE parts. HD parts feature a more robust design, higher-grade materials or optimised rubber-to-metal geometries. Which is why many MEYLE-HD spare parts outperform their counterparts developed by original equipment suppliers. With good reason we give a 4-year guarantee. Look for the "/HD" part number extension.

A full 4-year warranty on MEYLE-HD parts.

MEYLE-HD parts simply last longer. Their technically optimised and reinforced designs make them more durable and reliable than OE components. So it is only natural for us to offer extended warranty protection for our MEYLE-HD parts: All parts of the HD range come with a full four-year guarantee.


Better than OE.

MEYLE-guarantee certificate

Full guarantee on all MEYLE products

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