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MEYLE-ORIGINAL glow plugs guarantee a reliable start – even in the coldest weather

MEYLE-ORIGINAL glow plugs guarantee a reliable start –…

Around 130 MEYLE-ORIGINAL glow plugs, exclusively manufactured in accordance with OEM specifications, for all standard applications. <br /><br />
Taking the safe side – with low-wear MEYLE-ORIGINAL wheel bearings

Taking the safe side – with low-wear MEYLE-ORIGINAL…

<ul><li>MEYLE-ORIGINAL wheel bearings: low-wear design featuring a specially cured flange, water-repellent high-performance grease and made-to-measure seal</li><li>Comprehensive range of individual parts and full-service kits – including accessories made to OE specifications – suitable for all popular workshop applications </li></ul>
3rd place for Nobert Kiss in overall standings, 2nd for André Kursim in Promoter’s Cup – tankpool24 Racing Team celebrates successful season finale

3rd place for Nobert Kiss in overall standings, 2nd for…

<ul> <li>tankpool24 Racing Team secures an excellent 4th position in the overall standings of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship</li> <li>Norbert Kiss and André Kursim made it to 5 podium places at Jarama race weekend</li> <li>As technology partner, MEYLE supported the team with MEYLE parts and engineering expertise&nbsp;</li> </ul>
MEYLE to demonstrate its manufacturing expertise at Equip Auto

MEYLE to demonstrate its manufacturing expertise at…

<p>In Paris, Hamburg-based manufacturer MEYLE will be exhibiting its comprehensive product portfolio with the primary focus on French makes and models</p>
End-of-season event in Rwanda: Support for project of FC St. Pauli handball team a complete success

End-of-season event in Rwanda: Support for project of…

<ul> <li>Main sponsor MEYLE supported the “We’ll Never Play Alone“ project of the FC St. Pauli handball players</li> <li>Workshops, friendly games and visits to schools in cooperation with the partner club in Kigali, Rwanda</li> <li>Hamburg manufacturer MEYLE will continue to support the first women’s and men’s handball teams of FC St. Pauli as major sponsor in the coming season&nbsp;</li> </ul>
Tyre damage patterns – New "MEYLE Mechanics" video on YouTube details root causes and remedial action

Tyre damage patterns – New "MEYLE Mechanics" video on…

<ul> <li>"MEYLE Mechanics" demonstrate how to trace tyre damage patterns back to potentially defective vehicle components</li> <li>MEYLE joint play tester allows vehicle mechanics to quickly and reliably diagnose steering and suspension part damage</li> </ul>
New MEYLE-HD strut mount kit fits both the VW T5 and T6 models

New MEYLE-HD strut mount kit fits both the VW T5 and T6…

<ul> <li>Innovative full-service aftermarket kit allows for VW T5 models to be retrofitted with VW T6-type strut mounts</li> <li>Design-optimised MEYLE-HD part delivers significantly longer service life than its OE equivalent</li> <li>All MEYLE-HD parts come with a four-year guarantee</li> </ul>
New "MEYLE Mechanics" video: How to identify defective shocks and prevent hazards

New "MEYLE Mechanics" video: How to identify defective…

<a href="https://youtu.be/kD-du6S5TZY">Video </a>on the &quot;MEYLE TV&quot; YouTube channel explains how to test shock absorber function <br /><br /><strong><u>Hamburg, 15 August 2017.</u> Manufacturers recommend that the shock absorbers be checked at the workshop every 80,000 driven kilometres. Shocks and struts are put under heavy strain during operation and it is critical for vehicle and passenger safety that they function as required. Defective shocks increase the stopping distance and reduce overall vehicle stability. It these symptoms occur, immediate shock absorber replacement is an absolute must. In their latest video posted on the &quot;MEYLE TV&quot; YouTube channel the &quot;MEYLE Mechanics&quot; explain how repair professionals can easily make shock absorber testing a routine job during vehicle inspection.</strong>
No-hassle general inspection: New MEYLE-ORIGINAL exhaust temperature sensors/HTS

No-hassle general inspection: New MEYLE-ORIGINAL…

<ul> <li>Making new additions to its range of high-temperature sensors Hamburg-based manufacturer MEYLE now offers some 150 different HTS applications to fit over 26 million vehicles in Europe</li> <li>Precise measurements for maximum fuel efficiency and minimum emissions</li> </ul>

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