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Assuming responsibility. Acting reliably and sustainably.

Climate change and the energy revolution, the scarcity of resources, increased awareness of sustainability and green vehicles – the need to act has never been as great as it is today. Together with partners, we are working to increase the efficiency of our value chain and make it even more sustainable.

Sustainability management at MEYLE is based on the three pillars of the sustainability triangle: PEOPLE, PLANET and PROFIT. The sustainability triangle is based on the concept that sustainable development can only be achieved by meeting ecological, economic and social targets at the same time and in equal measure. 


People: Generally speaking, this pillar represents us. It encompasses all action relating to employees, including their relatives where possible, the group and social engagement in the form of donations and collaboration.

Environment: The goal of a sustainable value chain is closely linked to the ecological factors and impacts for the planet. It encompasses all action relating to environmental protection such as the sustainable use of resources, the avoidance of waste and the use of renewable energy within the company.

Profit: At MEYLE, economic sustainability is centred on the development of sustainable, longer-lasting components so that vehicles remain on the road for longer and new vehicles do not need to be purchased as frequently. As such, we are providing car drivers with more sustainable solutions in terms of car repairs and maintenance and are supporting the efficient use of resources in vehicles. This includes, for instance, MEYLE HD parts which simply last longer due to their optimised design. 


Our objective: To develop and operate sustainably all along our value chain, from product development and manufacturing to procurement logistics, business operations, marketing and shipping. It is an ambitious goal with many dimensions and a lot of potential for optimisation. Every day, we are working to improve and make processes and procedures even more sustainable and efficient, designing them with the future and future generations in mind. At MEYLE, sustainability is a subject with a long tradition: even the vision of our founder Wulf Gaertner was based on the values of sustainability, friendship and profit: “The friendship of those we serve is the foundation of our success.”

MEYLE's 3 strategic CR goals

based on the 3 pillars of the sustainability triangle

1. Reduce CO2 to neutral in order to decelerate climate change 

2. To be the ones with the better and more sustainable car parts

3. Empowering employees and the common good


In realising the measures, we will use the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as guidance in order to achieve a sustainable, efficient value cycle. 


Report on progress on human rights and the environment

Since 2021 MEYLE has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

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Environmental Labeling of Packaging

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MEYLE's roadmap to CO2 neutrality by 2030


Social responsibility has been a tradition at MEYLE for many years, ever since company founder Wulf Gaertner visited the SOS Children's Village in Guatemala on one of his trips to Central America and supported it from then on. Following this example, further support partnerships have been established over the years, such as the Beira Children's Hospital Association and Heim-statt Tschernobyl e.V.


We have defined the following framework as the strategic direction for our efforts:

  • Regional: Providing opportunities for the socially disadvantaged
  • International: Fighting the causes of flight
  • Non-political & non-religious
  • Long-term: long-term partnerships for better planning for project organisers
  • Transparency: 'Do good and talk about it'.
  • Sustainability: Helping people to help themselves


In 2021, we again supported the following organisations:


In addition, in 2021 we have financially supported 'Aktion Deutschland hilft - Hochwasser' (Action Germany helps – floods) and the '4Drive Fluthilfe' (4Drive flood relief) campaign, in which we supported the flood victims together with Profiparts by donating money to help garages make cars roadworthy again.

In the spring of 2022, we provided extraordinary financial support for an aid package from SOS Children's Villages for the people suffering in the Ukraine war. In addition, there was a shared project with one of our customers, in which our employees granted money and material donations. Those were handed over directly to people in need in the Ukraine by our customer in the region. 

Of course, donations from you are also important and welcome. Instead of monetary donations, there is also the possibility - and also a special need - for motivated volunteers in various non-profit organisations, such as the Bürgerstiftung Hamburg in various exciting projects. Feel free to contact us for more information at: cr(at)meyle.com


In the coming years, we hope to be able to expand our support efforts even further in order to make our additional contribution to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and thus enable those in need to have long-term prospects for the future while at the same time protecting the environment.


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our employees - we could not do this without you!



Questions or comments? Contact: 

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