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Portrait, Judith Ehrmann

Hello Judith, tell us a little bit about you and your job! 

I'm Judith Ehrmann, 22 years old and I am working for the Truck racing in Germany as a master of automobile handcraft.

How long have you been screwing on vehicles and how did you started?

I've known this since I was a child:  Due to my parents' family-owned bus company and the company's own workshop, there was always something to do with vehicles. This is how I discovered my passion for this topic at an early age and ultimately turned it into my profession.

How long have you been working with MEYLE parts?

When I started 3 years ago as a mechanic for the Truck racing in Germany, I got to know the MEYLE parts right on the first day. We use many MEYLE parts for the equipment and repair of the race trucks, so that the trucks can withstand the tough conditions in the European Championship.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

It’s not easy to describe a typical work day, because every day is individual. On some days I bring the trailer incl. race truck to a race track in Europe to set up our tents and the workshop there. On the race weekends we usually do press drives and free trainings all day. On the two following days there are several qualifyings and four races. In these days we have a lot to do, in order to adapt the truck constantly and to repair if necessary. We say: After the race is before the race, because the truck and its parts must be analyzed and maintained or replaced. On Mondays we start our journey home. Between the race weekends, I'm responsible in the workshop for getting our two trucks through their paces, maintaining them and getting them ready for the next race. And most of the time it's time for the next race track in Europe afterwards.  

What is particularly important to you – regarding spare parts – in your everyday work life?

The reliability of spare parts is especially important to me. Our vehicles and all installed parts are subjected to extremely high loads: significantly higher than in series production - which conventionally truck rushes at 160 km/h over the race track? Accordingly, heavy-duty parts are very important in order to give trucks the performance they need for the races.

What is your favorite MEYLE part? 

My absolute favourite MEYLE part is the MEYLE brake disc. Due to the heavy load of truck racings the brake discs are exposed to extreme stress and demand. With the MEYLE brake discs, however, we are able to withstand this strain.

How did you hear about the photo shooting and why did you participate?

MEYLE asked me if I could imagine taking part in a shooting. I thought this was a great idea and contacted MEYLE directly.

Our slogan is "DRIVER'S BEST FRIEND". Are you also the best friend of your customers? If so, why?

Yes, I am the "Best Friend" for my drivers in any case: I am always there for my customers, do my job 100% and therefore gain their trust. That's why my customers can rely on me and my work.

What do you do when you're not in the workshop?

When I'm not in the workshop, I usually screw on cars on the racetrack or on the test track. After work or on race-free weekends, I like to go mountain biking and skiing.

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