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A new look for a strong brand.

MEYLE gets a facelift: We have given our international brand image a new modern look designed to meet the requirements of on- and offline communications. Our new brand logo features evolutionary design characteristics while remaining reminiscent of our company history. Our creative framework for all means of communication has been refashioned. And a new brand slogan has been coined: "Driver's best friend" – because MEYLE parts ensure that drivers around the globe fully enjoy trouble-free mobility. We hope that you will like the new MEYLE brand identity as much as we do!

MEYLE – what you see is what you get, also in the future.

Over the next couple of months we will gradually implement the new MEYLE look to feature on all corporate media and products and introduce the new MEYLE logo. During the transitional period you will come across the "old" MEYLE logo here and there, for example on boxes which were printed and shipped before the new brand image was launched. During this stage you can be sure of one thing: where it says MEYLE on the box, there is MEYLE in the box!

The new MEYLE brand identity goes live.

The new MEYLE brand identity and logo along with the slogan "Driver's best friend" will be the distinctive feature of our corporate communications – whether on our website, in advertising, catalogues or product brochures, on our business stationary and product images or packaging. Naturally, this will not change who we are and who you have come to trust: a strong, service-driven brand that puts customers first.

Browse our picture gallery and discover all the individual features of the new MEYLE brand identity.


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    The MEYLE packaging – available soon on markets worldwide.

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    Informative, clear and responsive design to suit all end devices: the new MEYLE website.

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    Well-structured and consistent layout: MEYLE product brochures and fact sheets.

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    DRIVER'S BEST FRIEND: MEYLE's global image campaign.

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    Clear at first glance: the new MEYLE product line logos.

New labels featuring the MEYLE short number

To help you maximise product handling efficiency, we have developed the MEYLE short number scheme. All redesigned MEYLE product boxes will feature the new MEYLE short number along with the existing MEYLE reference. In a consecutive process, the short number will also be added to our entire product documentation.

The new MEYLE short number scheme

The MEYLE short number is structured as follows:

XXunique combination of letters for precise product group identification
1234    string of digits in ascending order


Want to know which MEYLE short number corresponds to which MEYLE no.? Find the answer in our online catalogue.

You've got questions? We've got answers!

Do you want to know more about the new MEYLE brand identity or give us some feedback? Feel free to contact our Marketing staff at facelift(at)meyle.com

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