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Developing quality-tested automotive spare parts for the independent aftermarket is a hallmark of the MEYLE brand. Our passion is MEYLE-HD technology:  Technically enhanced components devised by our team of dedicated engineers at our Hamburg base. 

The engineering expertise acquired in this process is applied to our entire range of MEYLE parts.

The making of MEYLE-HD parts.

When developing MEYLE-HD automotive spare part our engineers have just one goal: preventing premature part failure. 

Based on market research, recall statistics or information from partners at the German technical inspection organisation (TÜV) and workshops we start by analysing wear-prone original components. Pinpointing the weak points our engineers develop highly sophisticated made-to-measure solutions remedying the shortcomings of the original, for example by using higher-grade materials or modelling a more sturdy design. 

It goes without saying that our experts always take account of the system intricacies of the respective assembly group to ensure that technical improvements on one component do not entail premature failure of another.

Methods of product development:

  • Crafting of 3D-models and derived drawings using 3D CAD software (Solid Edge, AutoCad, Geomagic)
  • Calculation of static and dynamic load scenarios using strain gauge technology
  • Load simulations and deformation analysis using Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Drafting of technical specifications and requirements for automotive parts
  • Analysis of worn/defective components as the basis for part refinements

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