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We apply the utmost care when designing MEYLE products. Materials, craftmanship, accuracy of fit and durability of our products are only some of the factors crucial for MEYLE part quality. Every step of the process chain, from detailed product specifications to initial samples, volume parts and final product, our quality control procedures are designed to guarantee proper part function.

Long-term vendor relations

The quality of our supply chain and consequently of our products hinges on our suppliers. Which is why we set such great store by long-term trusted relations and consistent product refinement with our partners.

Quality assurance throughout the product's entire life cycle

To maintain the same high levels of quality our technical experts based in Hamburg apply targeted analyses to monitor product performance at every stage of the product's life cycle. In addition, we work with independent institutions, such as the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV), to evaluate product quality.

Feedback from the market provides valuable information on the level of quality of an individual item or entire product group. Using this feedback allows us to make our parts still a little bit better and car drivers a lot more satisfied.

MEYLE-guarantee certificate

Full guarantee on all MEYLE products

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