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Premiering first-ever MEYLE HD stabilizer links for trucks


To fit almost the entire Volvo FH and Volvo FM model series.

The first model generations of the Volvo FH and FM series have been on the roads for several years. Owing to the many years in operation and a very high average mileage, the number of Volvo trucks requiring stabilizer link repair will be increasing. Unresponsive steering of the vehicle is a typical indicator of stabilizer link damage. The comprehensive range of MEYLE HD stabilizer links for trucks allows repair professionals to provide valueadded repair services while minimising vehicle downtime.

All product features of the MEYLE HD stabilizer links for trucks at a glance

• Superb part strength thanks to a larger ball pin made from surface-hardened steel and a reinforced connecting rod

• Use of top-grade rubber boots for reliable protection against contaminants and moisture

• Low-friction heat-resistant high-performance grease ensures optimal lubrication of the moving parts

• Four-year guarantee for MEYLE HD parts

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