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Save smart with MEYLE-ORIGINAL cardan shaft repair kits

Catering for over 10 million vehicles on the road in Europe: 15 MEYLE ORIGINAL full-service kits for the cardan shaft centre bearing replacement


Hamburg-based manufacturer MEYLE has made new additions to its range of cardan shaft repair solutions, now featuring 15 MEYLE ORIGINAL full-service repair kits. The smart-repair kits include all components required for time- and cost-efficient cardan shaft repair enabling workshops to change a faulty centre bearing easily without having to replace the complete cardan shaft, as is the case with the OE equivalent. Compared to OE, the MEYLE solution is a major cost saver and helps economise on resources. With its range of 15 cardan shaft repair kits, MEYLE caters for some 10 million vehicles across Europe including Audi, Seat, Skoda, VW, Porsche and Mercedes Benz models.

Save smart with MEYLE-ORIGINAL cardan shaft repair kits

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