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MEYLE automatic transmission oil change kit facts:

  • everything included

  • excellent vehicle coverage

  • saves time

  • saves money

  • high quality components

All information on changing the transmission oil

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MEYLE oil change kits for automatic transmissions

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Transmission oil change for automatic transmissions

Why is it maintenance so important for an automatic transmission?

The transmission oil in automatic transmissions ages over time and the additives become depleted. Various types of wear debris also build up, particularly in the case of automatic transmissions with wet clutches, where the friction lining sits in the transmission oil. This results in deposits on the mechatronics and it also affects the mechanical components such as gear wheels. A filter medium known as the hydraulic filter is used to filter these deposits out, but this becomes saturated after a certain time. In the worst cases, this results in damage to the transmission. But this does not need to happen.

Never before has it been so easy to change the transmission oil.

MEYLE oil change kits for automatic transmissions – everything you need for an expert service.

MEYLE has been continuously expanding its portfolio of oil change kits since 2014 and is therefore one of the pioneers. The MEYLE range currently includes around 200 repair-friendly complete sets for oil changes in automatic transmissions. The oil change kits therefore cover over 15,000 vehicle applications across all common transmission manufacturers and contain all the components needed for oil changes, e.g:

  • Filters
  • Seals for the oil sump and housing
  • Bolts
  • Drain and/or intake plugs
  • Transmission oil as required for the particular version

Alongside the oil change kits, the MEYLE filling device also makes servicing easier.

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Did you know that every car needs the transmission oil to be changed?

‘Automatic transmission oil lasts as long as the car.’

Sounds too good to be true?
 It is.

Automatic transmission oil is subjected to stresses similar to those of engine oil and therefore needs to be changed regularly as specified by the transmission manufacturer, in order to prevent damage to the transmission.

If the transmission oil is changed regularly, most transmission specifications do not require the transmission to be flushed. Transmission flushing is inadvisable for transmissions with high mileage (from 90000 miles) as this can damage the transmission. Please always follow the information from the vehicle manufacturer.

Tip:  Do it at an upcoming service interval.

The benefits of changing the transmission oil:

Efficient fuel consumption

Optimized shifting

Low wear

Our MEYLE-KITS are available with various amounts of oil

  • The MEYLE standard kit (100 135 xxxx) contains the necessary amount of oil for the service interval so that an exact oil change can be performed.
  • The MEYLE extension kit (XK) (100 135 xxxx /XK) contains the total fluid capacity of the relevant transmission and a reserve quantity of transmission oil for performing a complete transmission oil change.
  • The MEYLE short kit (SK) (100 135 xxxx /SK) is supplied without transmission oil and offers the option to determine the amount of transmission oil yourself, for example for flushing the transmission oil.

New: MEYLE transmission oil change extension kits with large containers

Same product, sustainable packaging, good for the environment!

New packaging for the extension kit (100 135 xxxx /XK): replacement of ten to twelve small 1-liter containers with one large container

The advantages:

  • Consistent article number
  • Simplified handling and time savings
  • Optimized outer packaging:
    • FSC-certified cardboard
    • Improved carrying comfort thanks to carrying straps
    • safety base
    • PAP20 cardboard without color printing
  • Environmentally friendly bulk packaging:
    • 50 % use of recycled post-consumer waste (yellow bag)
    • 50 % less container plastic
    • 50 % weight saving
    • 50 % less plastic waste

Free brochure: Concentrated expert knowledge on all aspects of gearbox oil changes

Regular oil changes for automatic transmissions are worthwhile: owners maintain the function and longevity of their vehicle. And garages can offer their customers a particularly valuable service.

Our brochure will turn you into a maintenance professional: you can expect concentrated expert knowledge on all aspects of automatic transmissions and oil changes - clearly presented and supplemented with important legal aspects and interesting sample calculations. Download now!




Making oil changes even easier – the MEYLE filling device

  • 12.5-liter (3.3 gallon) tank with compressed air connection for pneumatic or manual filling options
  • Hands-free option saves energy during work and enables accurate top-ups
  • Universal use for automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, differentials, servo steering, etc.
  • MEYLE numbers 999 990 1000 and 999 990 1001

Transmission oil changes made easy – with our video tutorials.

Oilchange at the Mercedes Benz 5-speed automatic transmission 722.6

MEYLE-ORIGINAL oil change kits for automatic transmissions (VW-DSG6 - 6-speed automatic)

Transmission oil change for the Getrag DCT450 automatic transmission

MEYLE-ORIGINAL oil change kits for automatic transmissions (ZF6HP19 - 6-speed automatic)

Transmission oil change for Mitsubishi V5AWF / Toyota A750E /F

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