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MEYLE HD. Better than OE.

An increasing number of recalls, poorly conceived technology in the vehicle and in the installed production parts, and complicated installation and removal – these often lead to anger and frustration for workshop employees and drivers. 

MEYLE makes its better – because we love technology. MEYLE HD is the hallmark of high durability and stands for high-quality products that are technically superior to OE parts. The reinforced and optimised design as well as the high-quality materials we use make MEYLE HD parts more durable and reliable. Simply put, they last longer! It’s why we offer a four-year guarantee on all MEYLE HD parts*.

Our expertise as a developer and manufacturer with in-house production facilities and international production partners ensures that vehicles with MEYLE HD parts remain roadworthy for longer. MEYLE HD is the first certified carbon-neutral steering and suspension product line. We can’t help but make things better. Twenty years of MEYLE HD. Because we are driven by principle.

Our work ethic: the MEYLE HD principle.

Our MEYLE engineers analyse the OE parts of OMEs, find their weaknesses and potential for improvement and use these findings to develop technically superior parts. These parts are then comprehensively tested in our test centres, following which a prototype is developed before the part finally goes into production. This multistage re-engineering process is the way MEYLE works, ultimately creating a new MEYLE HD part. 

20 years of MEYLE-HD. Driven by principle.

Stefan Bachmann. Head of Product Team Steering and Suspension, MEYLE AG

We love technology and can pinpoint even the smallest imperfections of an OE part. It is what I love so much about the work – this passion for technology and perfection. Taking things apart, analysing them, technically refining them, testing them and then putting them into production. This is our multistage MEYLE HD principle, which leads to a new MEYLE HD part. We can’t help but take a very close look. Because we are driven by principle.

Andreas Walter. Engineer Product Team Steering and Suspension, MEYLE AG

Sure, we could have simply optimised the control arm for Land Rover to make it last longer. But that’s not enough for us. We wanted people not to have to replace the whole control arm. So we developed an adjustable ball joint that covers three different OE versions. This conserves resources and saves money and our customers only have to order one part. We can’t help but find the perfect solution. Because we are driven by principle.

Marc Erdmann. Engineer Product Team Steering and Suspension, MEYLE AG 

We improve and work on a part and put it through its paces at our own testing centre until the part deserves the accolade MEYLE HD. This was the case with, for example, the MEYLE HD stabiliser link with a larger ball head, which we subjected to endurance testing of 1,000,000 cycles. The result – reduced build-up of heat, less wear and no joint play. We can’t help but improve things. Because we are driven by principle.

Michael Grimm. Product Manager Product Team Brakes and Drivetrain, MEYLE AG

It’s always a special moment to see the tested and finished prototype of a new MEYLE HD part on the table in front of you. It is brimming with our engineers’ expertise. Then you have the entire Development team standing there like little kids who have just built their first soapbox car. It really is like that. We can’t help but be thrilled by our work. Because we are driven by principle.

Sönke Schwenck, Head of Product Team Cooling, Filter and Damping, MEYLE AG

It’s pretty crazy and I think we are unique in the industry too. There are so many people at MEYLE who have petrol coursing through their veins and hands which are smeared with oil. Expertise and experience sourced directly from the workshop for the benefit of our customers. We also have our own testing centre, quality management and, of course, state-of-the-art production facilities. This allows us to work in a way that lives up to our high standards. We can’t help but do things ourselves. Because we are driven by principle.

Dr. Karl J.Gaertner. Chairman of the Executive Board, MEYLE AG

We are inspired and driven by our promise to provide our customers with consistently better parts even in the future. For MEYLE HD parts, it also means that we work on developing smart solutions for a sustainable future. This includes resource-efficient products, for example, and the first climate-neutral MEYLE HD product line in product group steering and suspension. It also means that we have to have answers to the ever-increasing demand for spare parts for electric and hybrid vehicles. And we do! We can’t help but think ahead. Because we are driven by principle.

MEYLE HD: Better than OE.

Technically refined parts with 4-year guarantee.

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