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MEYLE eSolutions. A pioneer and driver of the electric mobility transition in the IAM.

Electric mobility is integral to transforming mobility to make it climate-friendly and sustainable. Playing our part in this is a matter which is very close to our hearts. This is just one of the reasons why MEYLE is systematically expediting the mobility transition in the IAM as a developer, manufacturer and supplier of holistic solutions. MEYLE eSolutions has been developing and manufacturing innovative solutions to meet the ever greater demand for spare parts for electric and hybrid vehicles since 2016.

Our MEYLE engineers and product teams are systematically broadening the MEYLE eSolutions portfolio for hybrid and electric vehicles. And they are doing so successfully – MEYLE currently has more than 4,000 products for electric and hybrid vehicles in its portfolio. And this is only the beginning. 

With MEYLE eSolutions, we not only offer our customers better and more sustainable spare parts for electric vehicles – we also assist them in gearing their workshops and employees up for working with electric vehicles so that they are ideally prepared, equipped and trained up for the increasing demand for repair solutions and can already benefit from the mobility transition.


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The MEYLE HD control arm for Tesla

No squeaking and no creaking: our new MEYLE HD control arm for TESLA models 3 and Y makes sure that a TESLA drives like a proper TESLA again – practically noiseless with precision. What have we improved?


New: Cabin air filters in electric vehicles

Audi e-tron, Tesla, Polestar and many more: Here's our new poster with cabin filter installation tips for popular e-vehicles.

Poster download (PDF, DIN A2)

How electric mobility will develop in Europe in the next few years.

It’s something you can see every day – there are more and more electric vehicles on the roads. On the one hand, there is increasing customer demand for environmentally friendly and climate-friendly mobility solutions. While on the other, the mobility transition is additionally being driven by the EU’s latest targets and requirements. The bottom line is that, from 2035, only vehicles that do not cause carbon emissions may be sold. 

MEYLE took a very close look at this and performed its own model-based simulation on the basis of the EU’s fleet-wide emission targets and planning data. 
The simulation shows that there will still be approximately 135 million vehicles with a combustion engine on the roads in Europe in 2035. At the same time, more than 80 million electric vehicles will be participating in traffic by then, over 21 million of which will be more than eight years old. In other words, 30% of vehicles in 2035 will be electric vehicles.

MEYLE eSolutions. Your provider of holistic solutions for electric vehicles.

We aspire to being the developer and manufacturer of spare parts which are better and more sustainable than the rest. This is also what spurs us on to develop new spare parts, clever repair solutions and electric vehicle technical training for our customers.How does MEYLE manage this?

In the same way as ever – we love technology and cars. It’s what sets MEYLE and MEYLE eSolutions apart – and it’s unique in the IAM. 

We have decades of experience as a developer and manufacturer to draw on. Comprehensive expertise in the area of electric vehicles, which our MEYLE engineers and product teams turn into new and innovative solutions for our customers. Developed, tested and manufactured – MEYLE eSolutions come from us.

The solutions come from our own Development department, where they are really put through their paces on our dynamometers before being manufactured by our own Production department. 

MEYLE eSolutions. We gear workshops up for electric vehicles.

Demand for electric vehicles and therefore for related services and repair solutions will increase significantly in the years to come. This represents a major and lasting opportunity to acquire new customers and secure the loyalty of regular customers. We wish to assist workshops and their employees in this with our MEYLE eSolutions – to make workshops experts in the field of electric mobility.

Workshops face the challenge of rethinking and adapting their work processes and of offering their employees training again and again in how to handle electric vehicles. MEYLE eSolutions is the workshops’ expert partner, enabling them to realise their full potential in the area of repairing and servicing electric vehicles.

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