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MEYLE brake components – in a league of their own.

Innovative products, better solutions, broad coverage and quality that stands out – MEYLE brake components are the best choice when it comes to expertise in aftermarket brakes. 
With nearly 4,000 item numbers and EU coverage of 95%, the portfolio is comprised of more than 25 years of expertise in brakes and benchmark-tested parts tailored to the needs of drivers.
MEYLE brake components are available in two product lines: MEYLE ORIGINAL stands for safety and comfort. MEYLE PD goes the extra mile and is MEYLE’s own product line designed for advanced spare parts hat set new standards in terms of comfort, functionality and performance.

In addition to over 1500 brake discs and 1300 brake pads, the range also includes brake shoe sets, brake hoses, warning contacts and brake drums.  


Re-engineering in braking: combined braking knowledge and aftermarket expertise.

As a safety-relevant part and one of the most frequently replaced wear parts, brake components serve an especially important function in a vehicle. So an optimal composition of materials, a perfect fit and responsiveness are all the more important from the very first instance of braking.

With more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing aftermarket parts with strict specifications and standards, the MEYLE product experts and engineers are very familiar with the requirements and place their focus on intelligently designed and produced parts. To this end, MEYLE PD brake pads and discs undergo a multistage re-engineering process that prepares the parts for the discerning aftermarket customers, who get a genuine alternative to OE parts with MEYLE PD.


MEYLE PD brake components put to the test: tested, confirmed, best in class.

Good, better, MEYLE PD – confirmed in accordance with international standards.

As part of a comprehensive comparison test with an independent testing institute, MEYLE PD brake components were tested to their core and managed to beat out the competitor parts. 

On the vehicles VW Polo 9N, Mercedes-Benz E-Class W212 and BMW X5 F85, MEYLE PD brake pads were tested in accordance with the international test standards SAE-J2522 – which includes, among other parameters, friction, cold- and hot-braking characteristics (fading) and wear – as well as in accordance with the standard SAE-J2521 for the noise with various frequency parameters. 


Best performance compared to competitors.

Best noise comfort with MEYLE PD.

The result was that in nearly all categories, the MEYLE PD pads earned the top scores comparatively and proved their optimal combination of performance and low-noise operation. 

MEYLE ORIGINAL parts were also tested and, in several areas, left the competition in the dust. To summarise: the test determined that MEYLE ORIGINAL brake components are the quietest and therefore the most comfortable brake pads.


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