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MEYLE steering and suspension parts – simply straightforward.

With every new release modern cars are getting bigger, heavier and more powerful, which puts steering and suspension components under ever higher stress. The frequent result: Increased part wear and shorter replacement intervals. Which is why MEYLE steering and suspension parts such as control arms, stabiliser links, tie rods and rubber-to-metal mounts are designed and manufactured to the most stringent specifications at the company's own production sites. They guarantee safety and comfort in any driving situation.

A large number of our steering and suspension parts are made in MEYLE HD quality, which stands for technically enhanced spare parts built to outshine original designs and simply last longer.

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    Chassis and steering parts

    Stay on track.

The complete range of steering and suspension parts at a glance

  • Stabiliser links 
  • Full-rubber bearings
  • Control arms
  • Tie rod ends
  • Axial joints 
  • Rear axle struts 
  • Steering joint boots 
  • Repair kits
  • Stabiliser kits 
  • Control arm kits 
  • Control arms 
  • and much more

MEYLE is part of the road.

Vans with MEYLE steering and suspension parts on board will perform more reliably and spend more time where they are supposed to be: on the road. This is what our customers expect of MEYLE – and what we expect of ourselves.

MEYLE HD steering and suspension parts

To improve vehicle stability and driving comfort, and consequently road safety we have refined select components on a range of parts to make them technically superior to their OE equivalents. This includes bushings, control arms and ball joints, along with stabiliser links, tie rod ends and axial joints. We give a 4-year guarantee on our complete range of MEYLE HD parts.

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