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A dynamic partnership: MEYLE & Paul Motorsport in the DTM

We’re delighted about our strategic partnership with Paul Motorsport in the renowned DTM racing series, which allows us to demonstrate the quality and performance of our parts by subjecting them to the extreme conditions of GT3 racing. We transfer our findings from these tests on the course directly to our in-house development of parts. With our MEYLE Lamborghini, we’re well positioned to shine in this high-profile series.

The DTM offers an excellent platform to strengthen our relationships with engineers, mechanics and car fans. The racing series attracts a lot of attention, both locally with up to 120,000 spectators per race and worldwide via TV and social media.

Focus on sustainability

Sustainability is a core value at MEYLE. We undertake the following measures to minimise our environmental footprint in motorsport:

  • We support a reforestation project in the South American rainforest to offset the CO2 emissions associated with our racing activities.
  • We use eco-friendly fuels such as ‘Shell Blue Gasoline 98 GT Masters’ to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Involvement in other racing series

In addition to the DTM, MEYLE is also involved in other racing series, such as two guest starts in the GT Open, in order to offer our customers unique experiences. In addition, we support the young talent Christian Lemke in the ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup to emphasize the importance of sustainable initiatives in motorsport.
We are ready for a season that will not only be characterized by exciting races, but also by our efforts for sustainability and quality!

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