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MEYLE fuel filters. For optimal performance and engine protection.

Modern sensitive injection systems such as common rail systems require highly pure fuel for optimal combustion and work with very high injection pressure, which means even the smallest particles of dirt can lead to malfunction and engine breakdown. 
Fuel filters also need to be able to withstand modern fuels with a high percentage of ethanol or biodiesel and ensure consistently high flow rates and filter performance across a wide temperature range. 
MEYLE offers innovative filter solutions in the form of its high-quality MEYLE fuel filter selection. The MEYLE fuel filters developed boast test reports and references and ensure an optimal mix of air and fuel and a consistent, economical flow of fuel, thus ensuring optimal performance and quiet engine operation without irritating sounds.

Important: Replace fuel filters on a regular basis.

Fuel filters prevent dirt particles in the fuel itself or in the tank from entering the fuel system. Clogged fuel filters prevent seamless, economical engine operation, are associated with higher wear and tear on sensitive engine parts such as injection system components, and can damage mechanical components such as nozzles and the fuel pump. Please consult the manufacturer’s specifications.

Your advantages with MEYLE fuel filters:

Clean fuel for the engine

Cooperation with OE production partners 

Retention of engine power

MEYLE fuel filter cross-section illustration

Quality at a glance: the complexity of filtering performance from pressure regulator to filter cartridge.


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